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[MY Journal - Productivity Journal] - MYndMap
[MY Journal - Productivity Journal] - MYndMap
[MY Journal - Productivity Journal] - MYndMap
[MY Journal - Productivity Journal] - MYndMap
[MY Journal - Productivity Journal] - MYndMap
[MY Journal - Productivity Journal] - MYndMap
[MY Journal - Productivity Journal] - MYndMap
[MY Journal - Productivity Journal] - MYndMap
[MY Journal - Productivity Journal] - MYndMap
[MY Journal - Productivity Journal] - MYndMap
[MY Journal - Productivity Journal] - MYndMap
[MY Journal - Productivity Journal] - MYndMap


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Annual Subscription - One MY Journal delivered every 12 Weeks

Want to get more out of your MYnd Map MY Journals? You can now get your MY Journal on an ANNUAL subscription plan!

Pay the annual price up front and you get:

  • Four (4) brand new copies of the MYnd Map MY Journal, delivered to your doorstep every 12 weeks at 20% OFF.
  • FREE 5th copy of the MY Journal, sent to you at the end of 48 weeks - making sure your entire 365 days in a year are covered! 

You are ensured a smooth delivery process without the hassle of reordering and waiting for your package to arrive. The subscription auto-renews each year giving you more time and energy to focus on productive and mindful living.

Here’s to living a more productive, peaceful and balanced life through MYnd Map MY Journal!

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What's Inside

Over 12 weeks, MY Journal will help you live a more productive, peaceful and balanced life! 

  • Flexi-bound cover with more durability and waterproofing but still lightweight
  • MYnd Map MY Journal focuses on *6 KEY THEMES* to help you highlight and reflect on the areas in your life that are important and often neglected.
  • Each special theme comes with a 12 week goal setting page to help you continue reaching the next level.
  • Weekly calendar to take a step back to organize your week, focus on the areas that are most important and practice mindfulness.
  • Use a monthly calendar to stay organized.
  • Daily pages to review your day as a whole and see where you need to find balance the most.
  • Reflect on your week with our end-of-week reflection page. See your progress and how you can go even further!
  • Our monthly, weekly and daily date sections are interconnected to help you organize your life on every level.
  • Encouraging reflection, MY Journal provides ample space for you to write out your feelings, passions, desires and more.
  • Get inspired by colouring in beautiful images that will leave your heart feeling refreshed and your mind feeling renewed.
  • High-quality 140GSM art paper that is fountain pen friendly and will highlight every vivid colour without any bleeding. ( That's about 3x as thick as a standard sheet of printer paper, holds water really well for watercolouring)
  • Want to place an illustration on your vision board or pin it to your wall? MY Journal illustrations come with perforations that make page removal simple, clean and easy.
  • Size: 14 x 3.5 x 21 cm (about half the size of a sheet of printer paper)
  • Over 270 Pages


We ship globally to almost every country.

Orders are processed within 2 days, Mon - Fri. Once processed approximate shipping times are: 

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Express 1-3 Day Delivery is available upon requests - Please email

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**MYnd Map Ltd. takes no responsibility for duty, customs and any other charges incurred during the shipping process.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Delighted with my MYnd map journal

I am delighted with my mynd map. It gives me so much purpose and the fact that I allow myself some "me" time on a daily basis brings joy to my life. It's all so positive that I have decided that I want to offer a MYnd map journal to my two sisters and my mom as I am sure they will all love it too.
The only disappointment is that the elastic strap came off after a few days of using the journal.

Nice book

Not doing anything with it. But looks very good.

Changed my lifestyle for the better

I'm on my second book, I gifted a third to my boyfriend. This 90 day plan really helped me through my time between contracts. With little to no money and a business to run , putting the lil wins and my thoughts into this book contributed towards a positive attitude and motivational spirit. Would recommend give it a try once, you won't regret it.

Lola x

The only one that works for me!

I´ve been using journals forever but never found the one that fullfilled my needs. This is the 3rd MyndMap I´ve bought and can´t be happier. Therefore, I decided to go with the Annual Subscription so I don´t have to be ordering journals every 3 months. It´s truly great to start my mornings writing on my journal!

Lovely purchase

I have only just started completing my Mynd map and it is already helping me to get my life back on track. I'm so glad I made the decision to start on the Mynd map journey! 😀