3 reasons you need the book ‘The Artist’s Way’ for a stress-free holiday season

The holiday period can be one of the most stressful times of the year. WIN A FREE copy of the international bestseller ‘The Artist Way’ by Julia Cameron's to create a life you love this holiday season!

MYnd Map My Journal - The Artist's Way By Julia Cameron competition
Here are 3 reasons why you need this book now.






REFLECT – By reading ‘The Artist Way’ you are taking the well-deserved quality ‘me time’ you might not have afforded yourself over the last 11 months. The questions asked in the book will help you reflect back on the last year and even back to your childhood.

PLAN – Writing your morning pages will help you cut through the busyness and noise that life can bring and allow you to realise what exactly is truly important to you. You can then set important life goals and plan practical steps to take. 

PLAY Artist dates will allow you to rediscover your creative self and learn to play again. Remember that thing you really loved doing as a child, that make you laugh too hard your sides hurt? Maybe it’s time to do it again.

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