3 Ways to Wind Down and Get Your Best Nights Sleep

MYnd Map- 3 Ways to Wind Down and Get Your Best Night Sleep

You have been on the go all day. You are exhausted. Then as soon as you get into bed and close your eyes you are wide awake. Sounds familiar? It’s a common problem for productive people, our minds are always on the go. Another thing that can keep you up at night is worry. You might be worried about money, work, or your child’s first day at school. These things can make it near impossible to de-stress and wind down.

Research shows that 60% of adults report having sleep problems a few nights a week or more, furthermore 40% of adults experience daytime tiredness so severe it interferes with their daily activities at least a few days each month.

Sleep is paramount to living a healthy, productive and successful life. It allows your body to rest, re-energise and heal.  Sleep is essential to help maintain both good mental and physical health. 

Here are 3 tips that could help you reduce night-time stress and make drifting off to dreamland a little easier each night…

1. Prepare a relaxing bedroom

If you use your bed for work, replying to emails, phone calls and other productive tasks then you will always associate that space with busyness. Make sure your bed is your go-to place to relax. Once you change your mindset about your sleep space it will be much easier to relax and fall asleep there. You can help create a relaxed space with candles, incense, and plants.

The hormone melatonin (this is the hormone that regulates our sleep cycle) is very light sensitive so be mindful to keep your room quite dark. That means no electronics!

2. Relax your body

If you struggle with relaxation when it gets close to night-time this can become an inevitable cycle of stress. You know you will not be able to sleep so your muscles tense and deep breathing can be the last thing on your mind. So, making sure your body is relaxed before you get into bed is essential when setting yourself up for a good night’s sleep.

Sit in a comfortable position and practice some mindful breathing techniques. You could also lie on top of your bed and engage in some progressive muscle relaxation meditation. Why not take a hot bath? This is one of my favourite things to do! Make sure the water is warm (not hot) to ensure full relaxation. Engage all your senses by playing soothing music, or lighting aromatherapy candles to intensify the feeling of relaxation. Chamomile and lavender are perfect for this!

3. Relax your mind

This means scheduling some time to wind down first rather than just jumping straight into bed. Write down a list of what you have achieved that day, tick things off your to-do list (personally, I love doing this!), or write down your thoughts in your journal. Do some gratitude list. This allows you to become more mindful and bring yourself back to the present moment rather than always thinking of your next move.

Another sleep benefit to doing this is it stops you from using any electronic devices; something that can have a detrimental effect on your sleep. Did you know staring at a bright screen in the dark disrupts melatonin secretion (which I mentioned earlier)? It is important to have a clear break between using any technological devices (tablets, phones, televisions etc.) and going to bed. Trust me it works!


A good night’s sleep can really change your life! It can help you become way more motivated the next day. It will get you thinking more positively and clearly. You will feel completely brand new! Just put these 3 simple steps to use!


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