What is the difference between the MY Journal and MY Journal Planner?

The MY Journal is the 1st and original of the MY Journal series. It's perfect for anyone who is new to journaling, planning and MYnd Map, who needs the support of a well structured, orgasined, easy, and ready to use system to guide you towards your dreams and success. 
The MY Journal Planner is an excellent progression from the MY Journal or can be used independently if you're already apt in journalling and planning because it offers more flexibility. It also comes with a new page layouts, new structures, habit tracker, intentions setting, workbooks and more. For more details of the differences please take a the product pages where all the features have been listed and you can view a flip through of both journals. 

Is the MY Journal a 1-year journal?

MY Journal is a 12 week journal.
MY Journal Black, MY Journal Planner and MY Journal Planner II are 13 week

Do the MY Journal colours contain different content

All the MY Journals have the same content but have different cover colours that you can choose from.
However the MY Journal, MY Journal Planner and  MY Journal Planner II does contain different contents.

Why is the MY Journal only 12/13 weeks?

With the MY Journals, you are learning, building and reinforcing new positive behaviours. Research shows that on average, it can take more than 2 months for a new behaviour to become automatic. This can be achieved not only by repeating the act over and over again but also by retraining your brain for a higher success rate. Practice this by spending at least 15 minutes a day mentally retraining your mind through journaling, planning, affirmations, visualisations, and gratitude. All these tools are within the MY Journals.

Does the MY Journals come in different languages?

MY Journal is only available in English and Dutch. But we plan to translate it into other languages in the future. Sign up for our newsletter to get updates

What are the delivery charges?

The delivery charges are country and weight-based and therefore will depend on your order. You can see the charges as soon as you are in the check out page.

My order hasn’t arrived, what should I do?

MY Journals are larger than most letterboxes, so if you’ve ordered a larger parcel and no one is at home to accept delivery and chose a standard delivery with no tracking, please check with the Post Office or local sorting office. Usually, the postman will leave a card with options for re-delivery or collection. The Post Office should be your first port of call if you’re in the UK. Overseas customers, please contact your local customs and post office. If you choose the trackable delivery option, you can track your order via the link and tracking reference sent in your order processed confirmation email.  

Should your order not arrive within the due date, a refund or replacement will be issued 10 business days for UK deliveries and 20 business days for International orders after the due date.


I ordered two or more journals, only one has come. What should I do?

Sometimes, journals are sent out in 2 separate packages and arrive at different times. Please give it some time and if in the UK, contact the Post Office or your local sorting office. Overseas customers, contact your local customs office and your local Post Office if you choose a tracking option.

Is the MY Journals available in stores?

No, it's not, at present but do sign up to our newsletter to find out any updates.

What are your favourite pens to use?

Any good quality pen will work well with the planner. We do not recommend using sharpies or markers on our products.

Who can I call to ask questions about the product?

Everything you need to know you should be able to find on the pages of the website. If there is anything we’ve missed please feel free to contact us hello@myndmap.co

I'd love to collaborate with MYnd Map. Who do I contact?

That’s great to hear. You can contact us at hello@myndmap.co

How can I contact you?

You can go to https://www.myndmap.co/pages/contact-us or go to the bottom page and you will see the "Contact Us" link.