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A mindfulness must have

Beautifully made journal, excellent quality with many colour therapy images that can be easily removed for display. The activities are very good and help you to find a good life balance.
If you are thinking of buying it!!! It is worth every penny!!

MYnd Map MY Journal - Anahata

MYnd Map MY Journal PDF Copy

MY Journal and I AM Bullet Journal Bundle

Utile e creativo!

Sono sempre stata un'amante delle liste e degli appunti da prendere. Questa è un'agenda stupenda che dà la possibilità di segnare davvero tutto, soprattutto se hai degli obbiettivi e di mettere in ordine le priorità della tua vita. Quindi non un'agenda qualunque. La consiglio anche come regalo!!! STUPENDA.


The journal is a perfekt tool to get more balance in different areas of your life, I can only give the best recommedations.


I love this product to be an effective tool for days, weeks and all your life! helps you through the paths aimed at achieving your goals!I also recommend it as a gift idea that will make those who receive it happy.


I love this agenda very comfortable

Nice design and great inspiration

My pdf came within expected time. It is very nice designed. It can be used directly or as inspiration, in my case it will be a mix

Goals matter

What a creative, kind and generous way to set your goals, focus your mind and be kind to yourself. This journal is magical, a great way to find your focus, hear your internal voice, plan your, relax and practise gratitude. Can’t recommend this journal enough.

Mynd map journal recommendation

- an option to make 6 months agenda minimizing pages
- include a world map to allow travel drawings

Agenda divertente, creativa e colorata

Ho avuto modo di toccare con mano la validità di questa agenda che non è una semplice agenda ma è molto di più... è il mezzo per raggiungere qualsiasi obiettivo. Quando pensate che i vostri sogni non siano più realizzabili, quando credete che state perdendo le vostre energie senza concludere nulla, allora è il momento giusto per prendere MYnd Map MY Journal! Pieno di strategie quotidiane quali “pianificazioni”, “affermazioni positive”, “Produttività”, “consapevolezza” MY Journal cerca di sfruttare le tecniche da usare per realizzare il nostro scopo e per esplorare ciò che possiamo raggiungere in tutte le aree della nostra vita come salute, famiglia, crescita aziendale... La adoro!

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I had the opportunity to touch the validity of this agenda with my hands, which is not a simple agenda but it is much more ... it is the means to achieve any goal. When you think your dreams are no longer achievable, when you believe that you are losing your energy without concluding anything, then it is the right time to take MYnd Map MY Journal! Full of daily strategies such as "planning", "positive affirmations", "Productivity", "awareness" MY Journal tries to exploit the techniques to be used to achieve our purpose and to explore what we can achieve in all areas of our life such as health, family, business growth ... I love it!

MYnd Map MY Journal - Vishuddha


I love this diary very comfortable

i love it

this Agenda is so cool 😍

One of the best journals I have ever had

It is really helpful, it helps you organize both your programm and your thoughts!!

So lovely :)

I was looking for a journal exactly like this. It lets me plan my month, week and day, giving me enough space to doodle, write lists or just thoughts that cross my mind. It helps me to stay mindful and calms the racing thoughts when the tasks and responsibilities overwhelm my mind. I just have to get into the habit of journaling every day. The journal is beautiful with nice quotes and drawings. I love it :)

Very good

I like it very much, but it has some cover scraps (color fades).

MYnd Map MY Journal - Sahasrara

Love it🤗🤗🤗



As I cannot write a review the journal I purchased was for a birthday present

MYnd Map MY Journal - Dutch Version


Protective Clear Cover

Love the journal.

Just bought My second journal. Love the colouring and the way it helps you being aware of the small change and stick to these.