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MYnd Map MY Journal - Vishuddha

So exited!

I can't wait to start using this journal! It looks ans seems amazing, and just what I need. To put down my goals in writing will make them real, and something to strive for! Thank you!

MYnd mapping my way to a successful 2019

I am loving the structure of taking time to preview and review my day. Writing down my goals.taking time to make colourful sketches.
Being mindful each morning already has changed my mindset. I am looking forward to buying my next Mynd map book ,when this one is filled up to review how I am reaching my goals and how being more mindful has changed my life for the better

keeping on track

I am loving using the MYnd Map, it is making me take the time to focus on my plans and prioritising ME (which I know not many of us do)
I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to get back on track with things

Good company

I love my cards... i bought them to check out for my daughters but im glad i got them. Im going through a very tough time emotionally right now after having done a lot already to pick myself up and am trying hard not to sink again. These cards help keep me focussed and on track. I will be buying more for my daughters too.

Loving Mynd map!!

I am finding having a Mynd map journal so fulfilling and comforting!
Thanks Rosemary

MYnd Map MY Journal

Travel size cards

Perfect for taking with me when I travel. I pick a card and take it with me

Diving into this!

Definitely a lot of material to work through but so far it is keeping me busy as I am loving it

Super journal.

Love the new style, softer covered journal.

My MYnd Map

All I can say is I love it! Feeling positive, productive, calm and happy. Wish I’d had it years ago. Thank you for changing my life!

Great journal!

I haven't had a journal before. This is amazing. Very well structured and it combines the Wheal of Life with chromotherapy, positive quotes and personal questions that stretch your mind and make you project the future self. Totally recommend it!

Looks fab cant wait to get stuckin

I started on the jurnal today and it seems to tick all the boxes id prefere to ha e blank paper as opsed to tge dots for drawing on
I thinknits goung to be a very usfull tool to have over the next 90 days

One week in..

I love my myndmap journal. I use it to aid my management of chronic depression and anxiety, and to be mindful each day. Getting able to use it as a diary, organiser, colouring and sketch book, bullet journal and mindfulness aid means it does everything I need in one place, which is both efficient and reassuring. I know I have my safety net with me if needed, as it is very much like CBT exercises I've done in therapy before.
Thank you for creating it!

Best parcel i have ordered

Thank you so much for my journal! My journal arrived in readiness for the new year! Journal came in a lovely box and a lot of care given to it coming in great condition. Definately meets expectations and packed full of great ideas. Definately a good support for new year aims and plans.comes with great support too

Happy New Me!

You only need to make one resolution for 2019 and that is to start this journal.

Esmeralda G.

Esmeralda G


Finally a tool to make me stop procrastinating every single detail of my life. I am utterly inspired, and since I'm starting my first week tomorrow, dec 31st, I am actually climbing into a new year with a whole book of clean sheets. I am all prepered for tomorrow, and wrote down some thoughts today, as well of my wishes for the next 90 days. I am very excited! Thank you!

My best purchase for 2018

This really caught my attention. I finally made the decision to purchase it. And I’m really glad I did. This has made me realise the importance of setting goals for various areas of my life. And actually. I’m very good at being responsible and writing lists and the to-do list allows the rebellious me to be accountable. This really really works for me. And it may seem expensive for a 90-day journal. But it’s worth it. If you have a dream but you are too overwhelmed to allow it to manifest. Use MyMnd as a tool to overcome your fears and teach you to take large and small steps whilst being on a journey of self discovery. I love this. I’m praying that I receive a lump sum of money so that I can gift these journals to at least 10+ people. It can and will assist you in achieving your goals AND you get to colour in too. I really just love it.


I was a bit dissappointed to be honoust, when I saw that there also different colours of the books and with better paper. I saw the advertisement on instagram, so I ordered the Black edition. Few days later I saw the coloured ones. Wish I would have known this. Than I would have choosen a colour version. But still happy with my Black edition :)

Good book with a good setup my girlfriend will enjoy using it/filling it out daily

great product

Ready to start my new journey !

Just received my Mynd Map agenda and I will push myself to start asap : to find more motivation, power and believe in myself to start finally what is sleeping inside of me, that it can come out to give me more satisfaction in my daily life. So curious how this journey in MyndMap will go :-) . I ordered the agenda in Dutch version, my language, so happy that this exists. Thanks and I ll keep you informed about my evolution :-)