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Protective Clear Cover

Love the journal.

Just bought My second journal. Love the colouring and the way it helps you being aware of the small change and stick to these.

Looks interesting

Bought this journal for my Daughter. She is enjoying reading through and plannng how she will go about filling it in, hence four stars at the moment.

Very inspiring

Have not been using this journal for long but am thoroughly enjoying it. Full of positive ideas and definately makes you re-think your lifestyle and what you need to change and re-organise. Very well put together.

Arrived very quick. I love the products, easy to use and tasks are great.

Amazing wellness journal

I absolutely love the process of updating my journal daily keeping track of my goals and pushing myself forward it’s keeping me driven and focused. My first time with a journal and I will def be using again and again moving forward

My Journal

The journal arrived promptly and looks very impressive. I’m not yet ready to start writing in it (hence the 4* rating as I can’t comment on its effectiveness) but will spend time reading the contents and understanding how to put it to good use.

My 3rd journal

I love my MYndMap journals as they help me to keep my days in check by reflecting on the previous day x

My MYnd Map

This is the second book I have ordered, I wanted a nice new neat one for the New Year as I love stationery. I have been ill for over 12 months and I find that writing everything down really help me, I think it’s a feeling of control as there are some thing relating to my health that I can’t control. I love recording my achievements and looking at them at the end of the week. I absolutely love mine.

Myndmap bundle

Arrived super quick, great products, here's to a productive year!

Not able

Sorry not available till the end of february

A good idea. Would like it to be sturdier.

Beginning to use the book this month. Looks useful. You would definitely need to commit to it to get the full benefit. I’m still working it out. My only caveat is the perforated pages which rip very easily even if you don’t want to remove them. Hence for me only 4 stars.

Best scheduling journal I've ever came across

I've tried A LOT of journals, always was looking for something that would allow me to be very focused and precisely plan my day but at the same time feel free to make side notes and "think on paper". I love this journal, I HIGHLY recommend it especially if you use ink pen as it NEVER shows on the other side of the paper - that was a a constant nightmare of mine. The other think that I really love about the journal is that it is not dated, so...I can start any time :). And the 3-month time frame is perfect to stay motivated because you do see results! YES!


For someone who is dyslexic there are a lot of words but working daily with MYnd map seems to be producing results. I think the best is just to work at your own pace. A helpful friend is also useful

Not bought for me!

Can’t review as bought for someone else as a present

It's not been bought for me

I can't review it as I bought it for someone else.

Happy to receive my beatiful journal! Thanks for this great product!

MY better version

Door dagelijks te schrijven in Myndmap haal ik meer uit mijn weken. Zorg ik beter voor mezelf en anderen en zet ik net wel dat stapje om uit patronen te komen, salarisverhoging te vragen, etc.
En, het is gewoon een prachtig boek, heel leuk om te bewaren en mooi te maken met alle tekeningen.

Excellent planner

This is a great ninety day planner ,which also stimulates your creative side ! I'm looking forward to the first 90 days of 2020 and seeing how my planner helps with implementation

MYnd Map MY Journal

MYnd Map MY Journal - Vishuddha

Gift Box

I ordered one for myself and one for a gift for a friend after being introduced to them at a feminine energy circle. Beautiful books with so many lovely things to do inside x


Absolutely love this journal, I have had one before and I absolutely loved writing in it. The journal definitely helped me to organise myself and understand what I was doing through my day

Makes me happy

Brings me back to myself and what is important in my life!
I recommand it!