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Awesome product

Absolutely fantastic

MYnd Map MY Journal - Dutch Version

Waiting till the Solstice

Only arrived yesterday ( 10th ) reading through it to get more familiar with the format etc. Going to start it as the wheel of the year turns, June 21st Summer Solstice.

Getting my life back on track...

I have tried to get my life back on track; busy job, busy home life, always something that needs doing now!! Something had to give, and it was me!! I need to look after myself and I am starting my new journey guided by MYnd map; my beautiful new book received earlier this week. Looking forward to the guided self reflection and learning - thank you!!

Absolutely recommended!

it's great! I love the structure and the drawings :)


Really helped me think about changes I wanted to make and helped break them down into achievable goals. Adaptable and helps you achieve a work life balance 😊


Prompt arrival, nice packaging , as described product, thank you

My new Journal

I have had a preview and it looks great although some things don’t apply to me as I am retired! I will cover them with a sticker or a new title! I will begin to use it on 1st June as I am currently using another one until the end of May! I need to start New GOOD Habits and drop some really old bad habits !

Speedy Delivery

So pleased with the speedy delivery time! Only a couple of days! Love it and am just reading through and deciding what to write! I don’t want to rush in and spoil it. It looks perfect! Now to plan my new goals and get rid of old bad habits! Here I go! X😊👏👏

Satisfied Customer

I like this journal very much. I can see a lot of effort has been put in it. I haven't started using it yet but I am about to and I'm sure I'll be satisfied with it.

MYnd Map Daily Cards

love it!

Excellent goal planner. I absolutely love it and would recommend to everyone.

MYnd Map MY Journal - Sahaswara

Mynd map journal

Really helps me to keep focussed

Gift Box
The best gift

I have the myndmap and love it. Decided to buy one for my best friend and she absolutely loves it. It has it all, the box is impressive, amazing presentation and the journal navigates you to an amazing journey. Get one you will not regret!

MYnd Map pdf

All is super:)

Just perfect

I love everything about this. It’s beautifully bound, carefully put together. Helps me to be calm and be mindful. Just perfect

Second Mynd Map Journal

I’m half way through my first journal and have found it to be of such good quality and invaluable that I’ve bought a second in preparation, and as a birthday gift to myself. Beautifully made and thought out to help promote mindfulness, planning and healing.

A really useful tool

I have written a journal all my life - I'm 72 - I decided to do the next one a little differently. This journal is beautiful and has so many varied ways to reflect on life. I'm going to really enjoy using it.


Looks beautiful haven’t started yet as I need time to assimilate the msg

Just love it!

I love everything about My Journal, wonderful work, beautiful pictures...

MYnd Map MY Journal PDF Copy


Brilliant journal. Lovely pictures