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Bijzonder dagboek

Eerder had ik een dagboek voor 5 jaar, agenda, kalender en een vol hoofd met dingen die ik niet mag vergeten. Nu komt alles samen in dit boek! Erg blij mee

Quality Product

This product is gorgeous, the best quality diary I have purchased. I love the mindfulness philosophy and I am enjoying using the product to integrate this into my day to day life.

Mynd map journal

I an startting to use this journal in Jan 2020 so I cannot review it yet. The other one is a gift fot a friend she ll get it end of this week

MYnd Map MY Journal - Vishuddha

myndmap loving it

I am in absolutely love with my journal I find I bottle my emotions up so with this journal I can explore the areas of my life where I don’t want to admit there is anything wrong!!

2nd Journal

really effective and keeps me in line with doing what I want to get done.


Great asset if you are on the self-awareness/development path. One thing you should know - pages are not so easily removable as advertised. They changed that option but forgot to take out from description. Otherwise really recommend 👍🏻

Mynd Map MY Journal

It is the best!! Very happy with the journal. I use it every day!

Cant wait to start this

I finally received it today as it was kept by customs unneccesary long. It was a hassle and took forever to receive it, so if anyone ever orders this from Iceland... try find another way, they rip you off at customs big time. But the MYnd Map company is not to blame for this of course.
Anyway, I received it after almost 2 months (1 month of definite ordering) and paying more than double its price on duties, but can only say WOW... this journal looks neat and interesting. Even if you arent too creative it gives plenty of points to start and makes you motivated to do so.
Since I have it now delivered in another country, I decided to only start in January, so there will always be the new Journal waiting for me on family visits and there will be no gaps. I only doubt I can wait until January... So I start slowely to fill out the months.

I sure would recommend this, but if living in Iceland.... well people there know about it, it can be a thing to receive it.

Love it!!!!

I love it!!!! this was my second agenda and even if I received the wrong color I'm very happy with it!!! It's helping me so much creating a better version of myself!!!!

Mynd Map, dutch version

I use my Mynd Map next to my bujo and it works very well for me. I really love love love Mynd Map. I bought one for my daughter and she is also enlighted with it.

MYnd Map MY Journal - Dutch Version

MYnd Map MY Journal - Svadhishana

Perfect bullet journal

I absolutely love it! I have been looking for so long for the perfect bullet journal and now I have found it!

MYnd Map MY Weekly Mindfulness and Productivity Agenda


I love the idea and have found it really useful. My only issue is that I would prefer an interactive app as I do all my work on my tablet. The pictures for colouring would be ok if I had time on my hands 😂

Just want I was looking for.

I love my myndmap journal. It's exactly what I needed.

Just what I needed!

Completely in love with my new journal; from the lovely packaging to the final product. I can tell straight away, this is made with love.
This year has been all about self-improvement and with MyndMap I found the perfect tool to finish the year and set me up for new beginnings. The journal offers the structure I was lacking to finally be able to write down my thoughts and it provides amazing art for those of us who find it a bit challenging to draw our pictures. Nevertheless, it also provides space to try my drawings or just doodle along the way. It's an amazing and exciting way to get my life back on track.


Excellent book to evaluate self thus improvement of personality can become a possibility

Perfect !

I love my myndmap journal. I use it to balance my personal and professional life and keep my focus on my goals in different area of my life

Beautiful journal

Haven’t had a chance to start using this yet but am so looking forward to it. I’ve got the 90 day journal which I also love but this seems a better way going forward - well, for me anyway😁👍.

Excellent product

Bought for a friend & she’s over the moon with!

Changed my life

This journal 📓 is absolutely beautiful.. I have stopped using my previous journal and swopped to this one.. so many pages all ready for you to add your thoughts and challenges..planned ready to just add to.. couldn’t be happy..

Everyone should have one

I love my new bullet journal Great paper quality Can use all types of pens and pencils in it I have started using it mainly to just jot down things I want to remember like quotes, poems and memories Lovely feel to the cover and looks great


I so totally love my My Mind Map .. could not be without it. Have used many organisers through the years but this is by far the best !!!