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Happy experience

I got thisJournal a few days after I ordered really quick and I am very pleased with the quality of the Journal. Nice Cover, good paper inside, you can color and write nothing goes through to the other page.
A good Intro that explains in an easy way how this works and then you can start the same moment if you want. I did and I have to say it is an interesting experience so far and it helped me to think about a lot of things., making priorities in life and organize my days.
I found out that colouring is not really my thing to do, but there are a lot of pages I can put phiotos, texts and all sort of things that I prefer in it.
The only thing I miss in the "Wheel of life" is a section I can add a very personal goal I want to focus on especially that maybe doesn't fit in the other sections. Or leave out one that is absolutely not important in my life. Still, I love it and I think I will continue using it and can recommend for anymone who loves to reflect on life and habits. It helps achieving goals.

This is my 3rd purchase!

I absolutely love these journals. They have allowed me to learn a lot about myself while I’ve been studying at home during the pandemic

Wonderful journal

I absolutely love it. Especially the colouring. A track fitness section would be nice and a small reminder column of things to do on the daily page would be great. I truly love it though and would say I will buy again.

So awesome!

I am very happy with the planner. The color and quality are perfect. I started using it immediately. The coloring pages give me a moment for myself and it gives me peace of mind. Thank you for this!

Wonderful present to myself

While everyone else was making New Year's Resolutions I decided to buy this for myself to help me self-reflect on my journey. I am happy to say that I am still on track with my goals thanks to the lovely format and interesting layout of the My Journal Planner.

Just getting started

But pleased so far. I look forward to getting the hang of the journal’s organization and diving further into it. Clearly, this is a very nice quality item, comfortable to hold and should hold up to daily use.

Can't wait to start using it

I am waiting till 1st of Feb to start using it, but read through all the guides and I am super excited for this. This is exactly what I need and expected from such a journal. The pages are thick enough that the colors don't bleed through (did some coloring already) and it focuses on just the right things for optimal well-being. I think I will get another one after I complete this one.

My journal

I ordered it a couple of weeks ago and used it every day ever since. Really happy with it and it helps me with keeping everything balanced in my life. Already ordering new ones doe the rest of the year 😊

MY Journal

Just what I was looking for.

I love the journal, it was just what i wanted as you fill in the different exercises it clearly set out how to use and as you work your way through add more to live a balanced life. Thank you myndmap

Love it!!

I received your journal two days ago and I have already ordered another 2 for my daughters. I have multiple sclerosis and have been in a bad state for over a year, this has been my best purchase. It's inspiring and uplifting. Thank you ❤

Superb gift

I bought this for a work colleague and they were very happy with it. So much so they purchased one them self for a relative. Very detailed and worth the money.

Game changer!

Great and creative tool that makes you more conscious about time management wellbeing and you personal aspirations in life.

Mynd Map

Journal is excellent but the packaging wasn’t as good as the one I bought for my son. The tissue paper was creased and untidy and the cardboard box didn’t fit as tightly. It’s an expensive product so this part was disappointing

Lovely ordering another as a gift !

Beautiful 😍


I just love this journal the quality is great. Fast delivery at Christmas time. I will definitely be buying another one once this one is complete.

Brings so much joy!

I’ve been going around in circles for a whole year about taking the plunge and purchasing. Only question is why have I waited so long. I treated myself as a birthday present for me. I’ve been hooked every since. It’s been particularly helpful in getting me to set routines and healthy habits; particularly a much needed digital detox. Please read this and treat yourself.

Journal review

I love the journal and its layour especislly the pictures to colour in I just wish there were more blank pages to journal my thoughts each day.

MY Journal Planner PDF

Loving it so far.

I'm only a week in and so far I'm really loving this journal. I will likely give it a 5 star review after I've used it for a month, but for now it's just too soon. However, I can tell this is a planner/journal that I am likely to use on a daily basis and not give up on like I do so many others.

Loved it!

I absolutely loved the product! It's really so good!! Thanks for helping me structuring my life :)

So happy!

This product really lived up to the expectations! So stylish! ⭐️💫

MY Journal
my jornal

I saw this on Facebook and was looking for something to help keep me motivated while starting my 12week diet and exercise plan . I treated myself to the journal and was so impressed and loved it I bought one for my friend x

Beautiful journal

Beautifully presented, love the different pages and the structure, book feels like very good quality and I'm excited to get started! Would have like for guidance in filling out certain pages like the week ones and intentions/affirmations as I'm quite new to that and not always clear what direction to go in.. bought one for my sister as well, looking forward to going on the journey together!