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Press, Workshops & Podcasts

Press Features  

MY Journal featured in the Telegraph - Best Christmas Gift For Wellness
MYnd Map Telegraph
Daily Mail MYnd Map
MY Journal Featured in the Daily Mail and recommended by Dr. Max
MYnd Map Daily Mail Dr Max
MYnd Map Stylist The Drop
MY Journal Planner Featured in The Drop by Stylist
MYnd Map The Drop by Stylist
The Drop by Stylist is a curated list of purposely small, independent brands around the UK. Click here to read the full editor’s note.
Rosemary Ikpeme Balance Media
Balance media Founder Focus: Features Rosemary Ikpeme founder of MYnd Map
Rosemary Ikpeme MYnd Map Balance Media
Rosemary talks about creating MYnd Map, why knowing your WHY is so important along with a few other tips and lessons she learned whilst creating MYnd Map. Read the full article here.
MY Journal featured in Best gifts for teenage girls in the UK: Stuff she'll actually want to show off on Instagram by Mashable
MYnd Map Virgin StartUp
Virgin Red Vaults Startup Spotlight: MYnd Map
MYnd Map Virgin Startup Spotlights
MYnd Map features in the December 2020 Virgin Startup Spotlight.
Rosemary Ikpeme MYnd Map Founder Flourish
Founder Flourish #HOWSHEDIDIT: Features Rosemary Ikpeme
Rosemary Ikpeme MYnd Map Founder Flourish
A conversation about Rosemary's path, starting MYnd Map and the challenges that came with it. Read the profile in full here.
MYnd Map Stylist 
MY Journal featured in Stylist Magazine - Black Pound Day
A celebration and initiative to support Black-owned businesses. Click here to read the full article and discover like-minded Black-owned business like MYnd Map.


MYnd Map Stylist workshop

Rosemary Ikpeme MYnd Map Stylist
Rosemary Ikpeme Stylist The Curiosity Academy
Creative journaling: How to make a vision board
In collaboration with Stylist Magazine and The Curiosity Academy Rosemary Ikpeme hosted an interactive workshop to introduce the benefits of creative journaling and guide viewer in the creation of their own vision board while sharing how these can be used as a tool for setting life goals and intentions.
Rosemary Ikpeme MYnd Map Adidas Workshop
In collaboration with Adidas and The Soul Sisters Fitness to host an interactive, creative and fun workshop over Instagram live.
Rosemary Ikpeme Santander Workshop
Rosemary Ikpeme MYnd map workshop Santander
Santander: Finding Balance with the Wheel of Life Workshop
Rosemary Ikpeme is invited by Santander to host a workshop for small business owners on how to find balance and to share tips on wellbeing and productivity and its importance in running your business.


Rosemary Ikpeme MYnd Map Podcast Leaders Mindfulness
Helping organisations thrive with Julian Roberts: The power of being in the moment ft. Rosemary Ikpeme
A conversation on the power of mindfulness, and how this can truly build and continual to provide resilience. Rosemary shares some great techniques to help leaders and their teams to be mindful. Watch the live session here - Listen to the podcast in full here.
Rosemary Ikpeme MYnd Map Podcast Building Positive habits
Rosemary Ikpeme chats with Thiiird Waves on how mindfulness, productivity and boundaries might just be the sauce we need for 2021 full of suggestions on regaining control in the face of fear and uncertainty in the workplace and starting a new healthy and positive routine. You can listen to the full conversation on spotify now.
Rosemary Ikpeme MYnd Map Finding Purpose and productivity
Maztalks Podcast: My Wheel of Life ft. Rosemary Ikpeme
A talk on finding balance in our lives across all areas by planning effectively, be productive and finding your purpose. Click here to listen to the podcast now.