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5 things you must add to your to-do list today to boost your productivity

We think productivity is doing as much as we can to get the most results. But productivity is a holistic approach. It’s the art of being efficient and effective whilst nourishing our mind, and body, and ensuring we don’t neglect other areas of our life that helps us continue to and even boosts our productivity. Read on for 5 quick things you must add to your check-list today for positive mental health and mindful productivity. 

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How to build a personal development routine

It’s time to build a personal development routine for our personal growth. Not one that is full of unrealistic expectations and pressure, but one that nourishes your mental health and wellbeing, and is mindful of who you are and your goals for growth in all areas of life. Personal development activities develop our capabilities, potential, productivity and quality of life. 

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10 Free Ways to Practise Self Care this Valentine's Day

Whether or not you have a Valentine, when was the last time you actually took care of yourself?  While it's a great thing that self-care is becoming an increasingly popular concept, the truth is that so many self-care practices we can do to boost our mental health and wellbeing like massages, facials, and solo travelling are not always affordable. Here are 10 ways you can feel instantly calm and happy without spending a penny. 

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10 Financial affirmations to achieve your financial goals

Saving more, spending less and getting out of debt are some of the most popular resolutions for the new year - but how many people manage to stick to them? One of the main reasons why we often don’t stick to or achieve our new year resolutions can be linked to our minds and mindset. We probably haven’t taken the time to look into and resolve any negative and limiting beliefs that might be holding us back or causing us self sabotage. 

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