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Get ready for a transformation!
MYnd Map is your guide to navigating uncertain times.
We will help you prioritise, adjust and reevaluate your plans, and then take action.
We provide a comprehensive approach to personal growth and development, based on the latest neuroscience and psychology. Our intentional goal-setting, productivity tools and mindfulness practices will get you on the path to success.
Our MYnd Map products are more than just empty journals, planners, or agendas.
They are a roadmap to a fulfilling life, unlocking your potential and purpose.
Let MYnd Map be your compass towards a life you'll love.

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How to use MY Journal

The Benefits of MYnd Map

Better sleep
Reduces stress and anxiety
Improved physical and mental health
resilience tree
Increase resilience and self-confidence
goals list
10 powerful tools, strategies and techniques in one journal
reflection brain
Encourages reflection and creativity to clarify your thoughts
Helps improve focus, productivity and time management to help you stay organised and feel in control
Engages both the left and right hemispheres of the brain to find better solutions to problems
Helps you set achievable goals and develop the ability to break them down and track progress
Enables a daily practice of positive psychology, gratitude and mindfulness to help you focus on the important things that make you happy


MYnd Map put me on the right track, by using the left and right brain exercises to help me order my day and fill the gaps when I was struggling on my path of self-actualization. I have the tendency to remain vague about my daily planning. By using MYnd Map, I lived my life more mindfully with amazing results: I got the small things done quite easily but I also tackled the question of my destination, my goal in life. I recommend MY Journal to everybody who is on the path of personal growth or the quest for spirituality.
Dr. Steve A. Velleman
Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist & Philosopher
MYnd Map MY Journal has definitely changed my life. It has not only helped me to set goals in my life but also to get closer to my dream life because I dare to look at myself critically. I no longer use an agenda or to do lists only just MY Journal. I can recommend it to everyone, it has brought me the peace and balance back into my life. It has shown me what is important in life and how I can work productively without losing sight of my goals. I am so grateful that My Journal got on my path.
Joyce Scheijen
Life coach and owner of Joyfulness
I'm about to start my second and have loved having MY Journal by my side for the past 3-4 months. Setting up my own business as a health coach, MYnd Map has helped me set out my priorities and what gets written, gets done! Reviewing it ahead of starting my new one, it's amazing to have a record of where I was, it's helped me appreciate how far I've come in the past 4 months. I now want to pay more attention to the mindfulness side of the journal. I am starting a new meditation practice, so both will go hand in hand! I recommend MYnd Map to all my friends and clients and the feedback is always overwhelmingly positive.
Caroline Lamont
Health coach & founder of Great In Great Out


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