MYnd Map MY Journal

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Get Productive, Achieve More

The ultimate productivity and mindfulness journal to get you unstuck, feeling inspired, empowered and excited about life again. A roadmap to a life you love.

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Over 90 days, MY Journal will help you live a more productive, peaceful and balanced life! 

  • MYnd Map MY Journal focuses on *6 KEY THEMES* to help you highlight and reflect on the areas in your life that are important and often neglected.
  • Each special theme comes with a 90-day goal setting page to help you continue reaching the next level.
  • Weekly calendar to take a step back to organize your week, focus on the areas that are most important and practice mindfulness.
  • Use a monthly calendar to stay organized.
  • Daily pages to review your day as a whole and see where you need to find balance the most.
  • Reflect on your week with our end-of-week reflection page. See your progress and how you can go even further!
  • Our monthly, weekly and daily date sections are interconnected to help you organize your life on every level.
  • Encouraging reflection, MY Journal provides ample space for you to write out your feelings, passions, desires and more.
  • Get inspired by colouring in beautiful images that will leave your heart feeling refreshed and your mind feeling renewed.
  • Each page is made of high-quality art paper that will highlight every vivid colour without any bleeding. 
  • Want to place an illustration on your vision board or pin it to your wall? MY Journal illustrations come with perforations that make page removal simple, clean and easy.