Ask and Be Ready To Receive - Edition 3

MYnd Map Food For Thought Thursday

How many times have you really wanted something, dreamt about it, made plans to get it, heck, even taken actions towards getting the said thing? And then when it does happen you are utterly surprised or you feel not ready for it or you are not sure what to do with this thing you dreamed, planned and worked to get?

Well, this happened to me. In 2017 I decided to follow my dream, I worked very hard to create a product I truly believe in and I am proud of. I dreamt for it to add value to many peoples lives. All this lead to the launch of MYnd Map MY Journal online, but to my joyful surprise, my first print run sold out in just under 2 months! I was totally not ready for this. I had not looked beyond my initial goal of getting the journals on my website and reaching as many people as I could? I had no contingency plans. So, instead of celebrating my biggest achievement to the maximum, it left me somewhat stressed out.

If we set ourselves a goal or have a dream of achieving something, we must believe it will happen but equally important we must plan and prepare ourselves for when it does happen. If we don't we are very likely to self-sabotage and block ourselves. Seeing beyond our goal or wish will also help bring to the surface any limiting beliefs or thoughts that might hold us back. Thoughts such as 'if I got that pay rise, my colleagues will think I am a sellout' or 'if I go traveling my family will think that I don't care about them' or 'I really want this and work hard for it, but who am I kidding I don't deserve it'.

Now, take some time and think of the thing you really want, imagine you are about to receive or achieve it, ask yourself, who do you need to be and what do you need to put in place to fully embrace and enjoy it?

Then ask yourself, what's next?

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