What Do You Do If You Can't Go Move Forward In Life? - Edition 7


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I shared this image of one of the MYnd Map Daily Cards on our Instagram stories and it got me thinking.

In life, we hit roadblocks, creativity blocks, life blocks, all kinds of blocks. This makes us feel stuck, frustrated and angry. We try to push through, knock down the wall or whatever it is that is blocking our path. We kick and scream because we can't move forward or go straight ahead.

If all our attempts fail we are left feeling hopeless, we may lose faith and confidence in ourselves and our abilities.

This is where Cher's quote comes in

'If you can't go straight ahead, you go around the corner'

All it may take is for us to stop, take a step back and look around. A corner could be right there for us to explore. Yes, we may never have taken that route before and yes, it may take slightly longer to get to our destination but think about all the possibilities that could lie ahead. The new lessons we could learn from this new road. Perhaps lessons we need to learn in order to prepare us for our destination.

What about all the new people we could meet and the new experiences that will help us grow.

But most importantly we do not give up and we still get to our destination even if it takes a little longer or even if our destination changes.

So, rather than giving up on our goals and dreams just because we get a block and can't go straight ahead, let's go around the corner and discover new things about ourselves.


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