How To Find Answers To Difficult Questions and Situations - Edition 4

How To Find Answers To Difficult Questions and Situations - Edition 4 MYnd Map

Have you ever come across a difficult situation or a question where you just don't know what to do next or what the right answer is? Maybe your judgment is clouded by emotions such as anger, fear or sadness? You might be worried about the consequences of the decision you are about to make.

Do you speak to a friend? Get advice from family, peers, mentors? What if after all that you still have reservations what the next best step is? Regardless of how confident we are in our judgment, we all face this dilemma from time to time.

Here's a trick I learned from Tony Robbins when faced with a difficult situation and unsure which decision to make or step to take.

Take a moment, close your eyes and breathe deeply.

Think of 3 things that you are grateful for, it can be anything from waking up today, to the delicious lunch you had. Take a minute each to really feel the gratitude from your heart.

Then in that state of gratitude, ask your heart what the right thing to do about the challenge you are facing is.

Wait, Listen and Trust.

Your heart knows the answer.

Now be brave and courageous and take the next step.

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