How to be heard better using perception - Edition 19

"Seek first to understand and then be understood."
- Stephen Covey

You know that feeling when you get a great idea, of a plan, a product, or a thing you just can't wait to bring to the marketplace and share with others? You know, the one that everyone will just LOVE? You get so excited about it, you can hardly contain yourself. That's good, I hear you say, isn't it?

Well, yes, and no!

Why I hear you cry? Surely enthusiasm is the greatest thing we can have for both our personal and business lives. And it is but if your customer, client, patient, loved one, child or spouse isn't listening then whatever you say, enthusiastically or not, will end up falling on deaf ears.

What you say is perceived differently by every single person you say it to. Put it this way, your message may not always be received the same way by every individual and probably not be in the way you intended it to.

To help you tailor your message drive your point home, take heart from Stephen Covey's words and seek first to understand. Find out what your customer, client or spouse WANTS to hear and tailor your message around that.

Don't try to sell your idea to anyone, enthuse about its benefits to them and watch them flock around you.

Having a tribe of loyal followers, be it friends, family or colleagues is all about perception.

How will you tailor your words this week to make the maximum impact?

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