20 Things you can do to contribute to society

Every once in a while, think about the ways you can give back and contribute to society. No matter how big or small your act of kindness is, it is guaranteed to boost the mental health and well-being of you and the people it impacts.

In our journals, we encourage you to reflect on your Contributions, whether it's the gifts and talents you can share with others or the time, money, or support you can donate, because it encourages you to embrace gratitude and be mindful of the communities you are a part of. And let's be honest, it feels great and makes you feel happy to do something nice for others.

Here are 20 ways you can start and help increase those endorphins /happy hormones:

  1. Join a mentorship program to help a young person in your community
  2. Smile at 5 strangers 
  3. Donate blood at a blood bank or blood drive to help sick or injured people
  4. Make your coworker a cup of tea or coffee without them asking
  5. Plant a tree at a green space where it is permitted
  6. Ask a friend how they are doing, and give them your full attention
  7. Complement 3 people a day
  8. Buy from small and/or local businesses 
  9. Hold the door open for someone
  10. Pick up all the litter you walk past and put it in the bin
  11. Volunteer at a community organisation, such as a food bank or local hospice
  12. Write someone who has supported you a thank you note
  13. Get your loved one something on their wish list
  14. Bring some snacks and treats into work for your colleagues
  15. See if your workplace can offer internships to your local schools
  16. Give up your seat for someone
  17. Leave a positive review for a service you use
  18. Donate books and clothes you no longer need
  19. Recycle as much as you can
  20. Send a friend some flowers

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