5 Free Activities for Natural Stress Relief

5 Free Things You Can Do to Treat Yourself


Every now and then – we all need a treat.  In fact, there’s no reason why we can’t treat ourselves every day! Treating ourselves is a form of self-love. We often find it much easier more rewarding to treat friends and family members yet, we cringe or are out rightly horrified by the idea of doing something nice for ourselves. However, it’s all also too common for us equate treating ourselves to food or by spending money that quite often we don’t have as being the only way we can show ourselves appreciation. Learning to treat ourselves without spending money is a great way for us to start enjoying the simpler pleasures in life so here’s a few ideas to get you started:


  1. Take a walk – getting outside and breathing in some fresh air is a fantastic way to treat yourself. Don’t take for granted what’s on your doorstep – whether it’s the diversity of nature in the countryside or the architecture of a city.
  1. Soak away your troubles – so often we turn to food or shopping because we’re stressed but we can so easily help ourselves relax by running a bath, lighting some candles and enjoy some well-deserved you time with this you can also meditate for focus and concentration
  1. Dance! – We’ve all got those feel-good tunes and playlists we turn to that put us in a good mood so why not put one on, turn up the volume and get moving! Music is proven to elevate your mood, throw in some dancing and you have a guaranteed endorphin release!Practice active mindfulness exercises is also known to improve mood and release stress
  1. Organise a movie night – it’s easy to feel as though everyone is enjoying expensive nights out but enjoying time with your friends need not be expensive. Why not offer to host a movie night with your friends and bring the fun to you!
  1. Reconnect with someone – as we grow and develop, it’s inevitable that we lose contact with people. Why not pick up the phone and get in contact with an old school friend?

So, which of these will you commit to today?

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