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How to Reduce Christmas Stress

Christmas time invites the most festive and lively of all the seasons, full of family, amazing food and beautiful decorations... but the reality is a fast-paced December can also be an extremely stressful time. Our already busy schedules are then overrun with holiday duties. Battling through crowds of equally exhausted shoppers, buying presents for numerous people and filling the fridge to bursting before relatives and friends arrive to celebrate. This can be very time consuming and more often than not the little things we do that perk up our days (making ourselves a delicious breakfast, going to the gym or that class, getting our nails done, baking peanut-butter brownies…) get put on hold- our me time is sacrificed. We force...

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5 Free Activities for Natural Stress Relief

  Every now and then – we all need a treat.  In fact, there’s no reason why we can’t treat ourselves every day! Treating ourselves is a form of self-love. We often find it much easier more rewarding to treat friends and family members yet, we cringe or are out rightly horrified by the idea of doing something nice for ourselves. However, it’s all also too common for us equate treating ourselves to food or by spending money that quite often we don’t have as being the only way we can show ourselves appreciation. Learning to treat ourselves without spending money is a great way for us to start enjoying the simpler pleasures in life so here’s a few ideas...

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