Christmas guide on how to gift mindfully this holiday season

Christmas guide on How to gift mindfully this holiday season

The holiday season should be a time of gratitude, mindfulness and enjoyment, but it also often comes with stress, mostly associated with Christmas shopping. Oftentimes we’re rushing around, ticking things off a list in our journals and planners, making sure everyone has their presents. But what if we took our time to plan and give more mindful gifts instead? As we celebrate World Kindness Day, this Saturday, we want to give you a guide on giving from the heart with intention, deeply considering your loved one’s needs, feelings and interests. 

What expectations do you have about gift giving?

Take some time to dig deep into your own expectations about gifting. What do you think makes a good gift? Do you feel like “good” gifts have to be expensive?  Once you strip back your preconceived notions and begin focusing more on the intentions behind a gift and what it will mean for the receiver, you will start to be more mindful.

What are your loved one’s values?

Now think about the loved one you are shopping for. Sometimes we unconsciously give people gifts that we would love ourselves, or we buy whatever is trending that year. Take the time to consider what your loved one would really value at this point in their lives.  What are they passionate about? What are their hobbies? What are their hopes and dreams and how can we support them in making them a reality? Do they like material gifts, or would they prefer an experience like a concert ticket or a class? Think of the way that person has made you feel good, and pour that positivity into a gift that they will love.

How will this gift impact my loved one’s mental health?

It’s important to consider how a gift may impact the receiver’s long term mental health. The excitement that comes from certain gifts can be fleeting. For example, giving somebody who wants to work out more an exercise machine may be motivating at first, but if they eventually stop using it, this could trigger guilt and feelings of discouragement. Try and think of gifts that will have a lasting positive impact on your loved one’s mental health, like a weighted blanket if they struggle to sleep, or a number of massage sessions if they carry stress on their body. Perhaps they are feeling overwhelmed and struggling to get organised, what could you give that will help bring mindfulness and productivity into their daily routine? 

Is my gift mindful of the environment?

To be mindful is not only being considerate of feelings and thoughts, but also one’s surroundings and the world in general. Before buying a gift, think about its impacts on the environment and community. How has making the item impacted the ecosystem? Were the labourers involved paid fairly? Perhaps consider shopping locally, or from small businesses. You can even try making a handmade gift yourself. 

It’s easy to be a mindful gifter - all it takes is some extra consideration, positive intentions and love. With these tips in mind, you can become a more thoughtful gifter, and you will be able to brighten your loved ones’ lives and strengthen your relationships with them.


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