How to shift your mindset in 2022 and get results

How to shift your mindset in 2022 and get results

Many of us are guilty of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results, without shifting our mindset or way of thinking. If you’re one of the 88% of people who don’t keep their new year’s resolutions, it’s likely the goals you’ve set for 2022 are the same goals you’ve been trying to achieve for as long as you can remember and you are doing the exact same things you did all those years to try to achieve them.

This new year, learn how you can shift your mindset, unblock any limiting beliefs, try new approaches and actually accomplish the things you’ve been pining to achieve. 

Realise your mind can be your biggest obstacle 

Our mindset is our greatest asset, but it’s also our biggest obstacle. Once we’ve convinced our minds that we aren’t worthy or capable, it’s hard to go back. We talk ourselves out of putting in the work and enter a cycle of negative mental health for doing so and procrastination and then feeling a burst of motivation to hit the same goals again in the next new year. Whenever any of the negative throughs pop up, write them down in your journal, that way you will be able to see what exactly is holding you back.

Break free from the limits you set for yourself

The first step to shifting your mindset is from breaking free of the limits you’ve enforced with your own mind. This can be done with positive affirmations, scientifically proven to challenge our negative thoughts and views of ourselves. Journal and repeat affirmations such as “I can do anything I put my mind to”,“I have faith in myself and in my abilities”,”I have what it takes to reach my goals.” You will soon start believing these affirmations, countering feelings or self-doubt and taking the actions, consciously or subconsciously to make them come true. 

Start fostering a mindset that’s more positive

Once you’ve implemented affirmations into your everyday life, it becomes easier to shift your mindset into one that produces the results you want. Most of the fears you have of trying something or achieving something are probably associated with failing. Rather than viewing mistakes as failures, shift your mindset by seeing them as learning opportunities instead. Remember that if you’re trying something new, you aren’t going to even come close to perfecting it on the first few tries. It’s normal, and expected to make mistakes, so welcome them as opportunities to evolve and develop. Work at your mindset everyday.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to appreciate the present moment too - when you tell yourself that you’ll only feel fulfilled once you’ve achieved your goals, you’ll forget to appreciate the everyday gifts in your life.

Be consistent

These tasks and tips make shifting your mindset easier, but it still takes work. We don’t wake up every single day and feel confident and self-assured. But we can at least strive to implement some positivity into our mindset rather than dwelling on the negatives. Affirm yourself even when you’re having a bad day: “I won’t let today get in the way of my purpose”, “I am allowed to have a bad day and still feel excited and deserving of the exciting things life has to offer me.” 

Changing your mindset can change your life. So start picturing the best version of yourself, and using these tips to become it.

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