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Powerful Healthy Daily Routine - Examples and Benefits Of Having A One

Showing some mindfulness towards a proper daily schedule today will prove beneficial to you throughout your life. The thing about a healthy routine is that not having one has more downside than its advantages. Those who believe that a routine is barely a necessity, perhaps science will help you think twice. Go through some of these researched backed healthy routine tasks to success:

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5 Ways You Can Improve Your Wellbeing Everyday

One of the best ways to find happiness and improve well-being every day is to celebrate how amazing life is.Practice mindfulness exercises for focus. If you can find a way to celebrate life every day, you will become more positive and productive, in turn, find it easier to deal with the challenges and stress that we sometimes have to deal with. Hopefully, the following five ideas will give you a little inspiration:   Practice gratitude – giving thanks daily even for the small things in life is a perfect way to celebrate life and improve your well-being. Before you go to bed, try listing three things you have been grateful for that day,practice active mindfulness exercises. You’ll wake up motivated...

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The Artist's Way, review: A Valuable Lesson in Discovering Your Own Creativity

I have been asked many times how I came about the idea of creating MY Journal. Back in 2012 my life was a mess. I was stressed, very unhappy, and didn’t know where to turn. Every aspect of my life seemed to be going in the wrong direction. I felt disconnected from my friends, undervalued at work and nothing was going my way. Sounds familiar? I remember being on the phone to a good friend, pouring my heart out proclaiming how stuck I felt. She quickly and calmly said to me, "I'll post something to you, look out for it in the post in the next few days". Two days later the book ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron arrived...

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