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10 Financial affirmations to achieve your financial goals

Saving more, spending less and getting out of debt are some of the most popular resolutions for the new year - but how many people manage to stick to them? One of the main reasons why we often don’t stick to or achieve our new year resolutions can be linked to our minds and mindset. We probably haven’t taken the time to look into and resolve any negative and limiting beliefs that might be holding us back or causing us self sabotage. 

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Powerful Healthy Daily Routine - Examples and Benefits Of Having A One

Showing some mindfulness towards a proper daily schedule today will prove beneficial to you throughout your life. The thing about a healthy routine is that not having one has more downside than its advantages. Those who believe that a routine is barely a necessity, perhaps science will help you think twice. Go through some of these researched backed healthy routine tasks to success:

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