The Benefits of Using Colours to Plan in Your Planner.

Do you ever struggle to stay organised and focused with your planner? Bringing colour to your planner may be just the solution you need! Adding colour can breathe life into your planning routine and help you achieve your goals more intentionally and with ease.

Here are some of the many benefits of using colors to plan in your planner:

1. Increased Clarity Using colours in your planner can help you to easily differentiate between tasks and projects. By assigning a different colour to each category or different priorities you may have, you can quickly visually see what needs to be done and prioritise your tasks making it easier to get through your routine and achieve the set goals.

2. Improved Memory Studies suggest that colour can improve memory and increase retention. When you look back at past entries, the colours will help jog your memory about previous events, tasks, and objectives. This is also a great way of keeping your mind up to speed and making sure it is in a great state.

3. Encourages Creativity Studies suggest that colours can unlock a whole new level of creativity. Unleash your creative side by experimenting with different colour combinations, relieve stress through a visual outlet and get more confident in the ideas you come up with.

4. Enhances Motivation Using colours can boost your motivation levels to reach your goals. As humans, our brain seeks to be incentivised with colours and pattern recognition and this helps us achieve our objectives faster making us feel more empowered, which shifts our mindset to a more positive one which then leads to a motivation outburst.

5. Increases Overall Engagement Colors can help you stay engaged and organised in planning your activities within routines. When we like what we see and like doing the task at hand, we become more productive because our attention levels are at their highest and our mood is positive, leading to an ideal outcome.


To conclude introducing colour to your planner helps to increase clarity, improve memory, boost creativity, help with good habit formation, enhance visualisation and increase overall engagement.

So why not experiment with colour today and bring your planner to life? Our MYnd Map Journals which encourages colouring in and using colours can transform your planning and make your journey to productivity, mindfulness and self growth more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Happy Planning!


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