How To Ask Empowering Questions - Edition 15

When you hit a snag in life, what questions do you ask yourself?

Why me?
Why can't I get it right?
What's wrong with me?

Most likely your brain will find answers like, because... you're lazy, not good enough, too old, too young, not confident, not loved, etc...

Ok now, let's flip this. Say you hit the same snag, try asking yourself these empowering questions that were shared on the MYnd Map Private Facebook Group instead?

What can you do?
What else can you do?
What are my choices?
Which choice is best?
What needs to change?
Do I want to change?
How can I change?
What can I change?
Who can I talk to about this?

And my favourite is: 

Who can I ask for help?

Go ahead start asking empowering questions and see what answers your brain will come up with.

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