How to Navigate Online Arguments And Disputes? - Edition 20

We all have been in that scenario where you're with a friend, sharing a nice cold, crisp bottle of wine and you suddenly find yourself in the middle of one of those controversial discussions like religion, politics, animal welfare, abortion, land disputes, etc... and at times it gets very intense.

In our physical scenario, conflict is a little easier to manage. We can take a deep breath, connect with the other person, smile, touch in an appropriate manner, make assurance and bring some laughter into the debate. But conflicts online are far trickier to handle.

It seems that once people get behind their screens and keyboards, their emotions let rip and their sensitivity towards other's feelings fly out of the window.

In those circumstances, you can do one of these three things:

  1. Walk away, leave the page, ignore the comment.
  2. Decide your friendship with the person is more important and say you agree to disagree.
  3. Say you understand their point of view and welcome other perspectives on the problem. This may open the way for a fuller and franker discussion where you can pinpoint what it is that triggers the person so much about the situation.

Either way, having great discussions and debates is what makes life so interesting, just make sure that you don't let emotions run high.

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