How To Make Planning a Habit - Edition 12

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‘Planning is bringing the future into the present, so that you can do something about it now.’

-Alan Lakein

Planning is essential to productivity and success.

It is important to have daily plans, as it is paramount to have weekly, monthly, yearly and even long-term plans. With long-term goals, planning backward can help you stay focused on those goals daily.

By planning for the week, month and year ahead, it’s also less likely that things will catch you unawares, leaving you more energy to not only enjoy life but also to deal with the unexpected with as little stress as possible.

The first step to being more productive at planning is to create a routine. Set aside ten to fifteen minutes each day to write or mind map your plans.

Some find the best time to do this is in the morning so they’re motivated for the day ahead. Others will find it more useful to plan in the evening to reflect on the day and set goals for the next day and be ready for a fresh start.

It has been said that if faced with a challenging situation planning in the evening also allows your subconscious during sleep to start mapping out the best actions and solutions. You will wake up feeling level headed and clear about the best steps to take.

Let's get planning!

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