Psychology of the England Football Team - Edition 23

You may or may not have been caught up in the World Cup fever, but this is one an article you must read!

'How the psychology of the England football team could change your life'

Here are a few of my key takeouts:

Pippa Grange, the team psychologist 'is a fan of inspirational quotes, from Oscar Wilde to Nelson Mandela to Michael Jordan; some adorn the training gym walls (“Success isn’t given, it’s earned,” reads one). She is also said to encourage the players to get off their phones and play games with each other – including one in the hotel pool with inflatable unicorns after the win against Tunisia in the group stages;'

'The sports performance consultant Andy Barton says: “Often, it’s the spin you put on things.” Emotions can be reframed – as with Alli saying that he was excited rather than nervous.'

'Simply thinking positive isn’t helpful, says Barton.
“If the team just imagined themselves lifting the World Cup, that’s positive thinking but it doesn’t serve any real purpose.”

'Instead, he says, we should visualise what we need to do to perform, rather than the fantasy result.

“The skill is in your application to a task because that’s the bit you’re in control of. Say you have a big presentation to do, or a big event, or job interview – if you’re feeling fear you’re already mentally rehearsing it in a negative way. [In mental rehearsal] you prime your brain to play it how you would like to be. You might want to be confident, speak clearly. It’s not just positive thinking.”

Implement one of these tips today and change your life!

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