5 Simple Steps To Create Inner Happiness

MYnd Map - My Journal: 5 simple steps to find inner happiness

Most of us have been programmed to believe that happiness is the grand prize at the end of a long and hard journey. We say to ourselves, we will find happiness once ‘I take a particular action or make a specific decision’’ or even better ‘Once I earn a certain amount of money for a certain length of time, that’s then I will achieve true happiness'. Or maybe – ‘if I can just make that one big change in my life’, sounds familiar? The truth about happiness is that we can never guarantee or predict it in the future. 

Real happiness that comes from within, is unshakeable regardless where in life we are and what life throws our way. That natural state of happiness can be achieved and cultivated right now. Decide, set an intention and take the necessary action right now. 

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Try these 5 simple steps and practice your way to eternal happiness – today.

Exercise – you’ve heard this, millions of times before. Even if you can't train for 60 minutes a day, research has shown that just 10 minutes of exercise a day can be enough to elevate our mood. Try doing 50 sit-ups, press up or jumping jacks to get your heart pumping and that inner happiness bubbling. 

Get outdoors – on that note - why not get outside for a brisk walk? Swap four walls and artificial lighting for open space and sunlight. Stop and take a look at nature beauties and breath deeply and slowly for a few moments. You’ll be surprised at how happy a few minutes outside in nature can make you feel!

Meditate – not only can mindfulness meditation help you increase your focus and clarity – it calms and clears your mind. Scientific research has shown that mindful meditation increases positive emotion. If sitting in silence for 30min is not your thing, try coloring, yoga or journaling, they are other forms of mindfulness and meditation.You can also practice mindfulness exercises for anxiety

Practice gratitude – I love the practice of gratitude, by simply writing a list of things I am grateful for. There are boundless of things to be thankful for, whether it’s the roof over your head, your health or simply the warmth of your cup of tea – there’s always something to be grateful for. So, make a list.

Smile! – Fake it until you make it and release the happy hormones endorphins – smiling is free and infectious, you may just make someone else feel happier too!


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