5 Tips for instant happiness.

5 Tips for instant happiness

Happiness is ever-present, even in our most difficult times. We just have to look for pockets of happiness and enjoy them as often as we can. So here are our 5 tips for instant happiness, for whatever you’re going through - be sure to note them down in your journal!

Connect with people 

When we feel low it’s easy to let our relationships with friends and family slip. Have you ever had to drag yourself out to a social event only to end up having a great time? Remind yourself of that and make some time for those people you haven’t seen in a while. If you don't fancy leaving the house, arrange a FaceTime call or catch up with them via text. 

Get outdoors 

Swap four walls and artificial lighting for open space and sunlight and you’ll be surprised at how happy it can make you feel! Exposure to sunlight, nature, and fresh air is proven to boost our mental health with increased levels of “happy hormones”, dopamine, and serotonin. So get out for a brisk walk whenever you can!

Treat yourself 

Whether it’s some chocolate, a nice bath or that scarf you like that’s just been reduced – it’s ok to treat yourself. A little self-care goes a long way and can add some brightness if you’re having a gloomy day.


Giving back to others is not only a worthwhile thing to do in itself but also benefits you – you’ll feel happier and more satisfied by offering your time to those who need it

Practice gratitude 

On some of our more difficult days, it can be really beneficial to journal a list of things we’re grateful for. Whether it’s the roof over your head, your health, or simply the warmth of your cup of tea, focusing on the positive can bring you comfort and joy.

So many of us are programmed to believe that happiness is the prize at the end of the journey, and we fail to realise that moments of happiness are actually right in front of us. With these tips, bring a little happiness to your day. You deserve it.

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