The Important Role Of Having Healthy Friendships In Our Lives

MYnd Map - The Important Role Of Having Healthy Friendships In Our Lives

We love achieving success but nothing beats being able to celebrate that success with someone. The role of the person who supports you throughout your journey to success is often left unnoticed but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t worthy. Now let's look at the important role of having healthy friendships in our lives.

Having a friend, a companion to share your laughter and sorrows with is life's ultimate bliss. As humans, love is one of our basic human needs to survive.  Friendship is a bond that connects us. No matter how strong you perceive yourself to be it's difficult to achieve a healthy and fulfilled life without someone to love, talk to, and rely on.

It has been scientifically proven that people with friends tend to live 22% longer than those without friends. Not socialising and making friends can pose some serious threats to your mental health as well. Opening up to people about your feelings, both happy and sad is very comforting "a problem shared is a problem halved".

Being in a healthy friendship doesn't ask for too much, but it is not always easy either. You both need to invest your time, trust, and respect. At any given point, if you or the other person starts to lose respect, the foundation of the relationship is cracked. You must learn to not just love but to value your friends.

Speaking of trust, not all your friends will be happy and celebrate your success. You must choose the right friends who inspire and motivate you rather than demotivate you. 

A real friend is someone who accepts you for who you are, who helps you to grow into a better you, who teaches you self-love and encourages you to practice self-care. The first rule of friendship is that you never try to force it on others. It's something that comes naturally. The vibes of some people just match with each other and that's it. It can't be bought or borrowed. Friendship is earned.

How Are Friends Beneficial To You?

There are countless reasons apart from eliminating loneliness why you should make friends. Here are a few points why:

  • No one can lighten up your mood and make you stress-free in times of tension like a friend can. It is because your closest friends sometimes know you even better than your family. You can share anything with them without the fear of being judged.
  • The facts state that the more social you are, the happier you will be. When you keep yourself busy and interact with others, your thoughts stay fresh and positive.
  • Having friends to provide you with an honest outside perspective every time you face a dilemma can be very productive. Their opinion will allow you to improve upon your personal goals too. 
  • With the right friends, you will never walk on the wrong side of the roads. If they care about you, they will tell you whenever you are being unreasonable or are about to make a mistake so that you refrain from doing it.
  • As mentioned earlier, being surrounded by good friends maintains mental stability which needless of say is important for every aspect of life and your mental health. 
  • The beauty of friendship is that it isn't based on a selfish motive and there's nothing formal about it. One moment, you could be working hard for something, the other you can be just dancing. Friends help you maintain a balance between work and entertainment.

Whenever a person becomes an achiever, their family and guides are appreciated and thanked because their contributions are obvious. The part friends’ play may not be the biggest but it's crucial as any. 

Tips On How To Appreciate A Friend

  • The biggest gift that you can give to a friend is your time. If a person is putting efforts for you don't take them for granted. Spend quality time with them and show them that they mean something to you. 
  • Giving meaningful gifts to your friends is a very sweet gesture. It doesn't matter how big or expensive the gift is if it's given with love and is thoughtful.
  • Appreciations shouldn't be just words. When someone proves that they will stand by you in tough times, you do the same for them. Help them get through hurt, just like they did for you, even if it is just lending an ear or two.

If by reading this, you feel the need to call your friend to apologise or to tell them you love them or just be there for them, then don't stop. Life is too short to be spent in regrets. Make friends, build happy relations, and move forward together.


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