Focus On What You Can Control - Edition 14

"Worrying is like rocking a chair. It gives you something to do but doesn’t get you anywhere."

- Glenn Turner

Worrying gets you busy, but it does not make you productive. What it does is waste your time, effort and energy on something that will not help you in the long-run. It distracts you from doing what is important, from making the right decision and prevents you from getting results.

Instead of worrying, focus your attention on the things that you have control over—these are the things that YOU can change.

Worried about how other people may be delaying the project? Do not focus on what others are doing—focus on what you can do to help the situation.
Who can you help?
What else can you do or contribute?

Worrying about what other people are not doing will not get things done—but if you focus on what you can do, then you have a better chance of delivering results.

Re-focus your attention on the things that you can change and get productive.

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