What's Holding You Back? - Edition 11

MYnd Map Food For Thought Thursday

I was recently asked this question about the MYnd Map MY Journal

'I bought this a few months ago, but I haven't started as yet, I find it so difficult to even start reading and understanding what I must do. Any suggestions, please? I know it's good for me but something is stopping me from starting.'

This question can easily apply to most things we know we should and must do that will bring great benefits to us, yet something is holding us back and we procrastinate.

There are many reasons we procrastinate, lack of confidence in our ability to accomplish the task at hand, fear of failure or even fear of success. It could be also fear and anxiety of the unknown when it comes to trying something new. Whatever the reason, procrastination is a behaviour and it can be changed. Changing a habit is simple — but not easy.

I procrastinated for months to buy a home printer, though I knew I needed it for my business and that I could afford it. But I just couldn't get myself to order one, even after choosing the best printer for my business needs.

My first tip is to understand the root of our procrastination. What is stopping you and why? Take a blank page (or your MYnd Map MY Journal) and write down all the possible answers to what's holding you back. Then ask again and keep writing. When you think you have exhausted all the reasons, ask again and keep writing. It doesn't matter if it takes a whole page or a whole book.

The answer will come to you and once you know why you have been avoiding doing whatever it is you need to do, you will be better equipped to solve the issue or change the thought that is holding you back.

Want to know what was holding me back from buying the printer?

Whilst writing a voice I hadn't heard before suddenly screamed at me 'Do you really think your business will be successful enough to warrant you buying a printer? Who are you kidding?'

Once I heard this, I burst out laughing, then said out loud ' WATCH ME!' and click 'order' on my printer

Here's my printer I have now had since the end of 2017. I could not operate this business smoothly without it. 

MYnd Map Printer

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