How To Bring Productivity Into Your Life?

How To Bring Productivity Into Your Life?


Our time in this world is nothing but a never-ending search for happiness. Whatever you did till today or whatever you will do in the future, everything leads to one thing that is contentment. As humans, we always have the need to grow. Once we achieve something, there will be something next for us to learn, experience or become. 

The key is not just about finding happiness but also having the right balance to go about your personal and professional life and getting to your desired goals in the quickest and most efficient way. Yes, we are talking about productivity. It is a measure that helps you understand how many goals you manage to accomplish how quickly, how efficiently you were at achieving the goals or doing the things you set out to do. It also allows you to put measures in place that will help you become better at getting to your desired outcome quicker.

Be it at work or home, everything we do can be defined as a productive or non-productive task. Just know that the more productive we are, the more we grow. It has been derived that about 20% of an average weekday is spent doing constructive and valuable work whereas the rest 80% is spent on things with a lesser importance. Now, you surely would want to make some improvements in that area.

Tips To Achieve Better Productivity

Always remember that to be productive, you first need to make up your mind, set your personal goals, and then the points given-below will guide you through.

The Pareto Principle 

Commonly known as The 80/20 rule, the Pareto Principle was born when Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto discovered that about 80% of Italy's wealth was controlled by 20% of its population back in 1895. It can be applied to our lives in a way that out of 10 daily tasks at least 2 will be more crucial than others. So you can start every day by making a list of all the things that you have to do within those 24 hours in your journal or planner.

Further, prioritise them as the most important job to the least important ones and begin with what's on the top of the list. By doing so, even if you won't be able to finish off the entire list, you would've completed the ones that matter the most. This ensures that your productivity is at the minimum maintained if not increased. 


Think of this way, when you use a car every day regularly without paying attention to its maintenance it ends up with either an engine problem or some broken. Similarly, every time you work your brain and body out until the point of extreme fatigue, you lose productivity without even realising it. Self-care should never be just an optional tip, but an integral part of your day.

Throughout the day, you can schedule a few short breaks that help you ease your mind. You can listen to music, meditate or do anything that gives you relaxation. Good sleep must also be a part of your self-care routine. Those whose sleeping hours are between 7.5 and 9 tend to be more productive than others by 20%. 

Divide Your Work - Delegate

Make sure that while seeking productivity, you don't put too much pressure on yourself. Consider one task at a time. Multi-tasking will only decrease the amount of productivity already achieved. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by the work on your plate, try splitting it up with others so that no one feels burdened. Working together can be a cheerful solution to efficiently obtaining your targets.

Other than that, having different people work on something also means different opinions that open the possibility of finding better ways to increase productivity. Delegation of work should be carried out strategically. Before assigning someone a task, decide whether they are fit for it or not, explain to them what they have to do and provide them with all necessary resources, and finally don't forget to show gratitude towards their help.

Always Be A Step Ahead

At any point on your quest to productivity, if you start to fall behind then it becomes a habit. Therefore, you must keep yourself ahead all the time. Don't wait for the next day to come and then frame a daily routine, do it a night before instead. This will give you a head-start the next morning as you would wake up and already have the entire day planned. So start planning your day and creating a list in your journal or planner the night before. 

During the day, whenever you feel like you have some spare time to do nothing, utilize it to review the things you are up to or that you have done so far. Try to find as many loopholes as you can and work on them. Conduct quick researches to know what's new to make certain that you aren't missing out.

Set Personal Targets

Not everybody is the same and if somebody is ahead of you on the road to what you deem successful, it doesn't mean that you are failing. Don't compare yourself with others and trust your abilities. Your goals should never be influenced by someone's achievements.

The only way that you can find productivity is by being true to yourself. Set targets based on what you can realistically do. You can keep stretching the limit further with time when there's growth in you. Giving obtainable targets to yourself impacts positively on your mental health as well and encourages and motivates you to keep on going.

Paul Coelho once said, When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it You just have to play your part. To be productive in every aspect of life, just follow these tips with honesty and leave the rest on the Universe.


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