How to Improve and Build Better Mental Health

How to improve and build better Mental Health

Many people are now more open to, will talk about and take mental health very seriously. There's a lot of talk about mental health all over the internet but want to share with you very simple and easy tips and tools you can apply today on how to help improve and build better mental health.

Many are busy devoting most of their time to looking after their physical health that they sometimes forgot the need for mental stability. As much as physical exercise does help and improve mental health without, no amount of physical exercise only will be adequate enough to take care of your mental health. Let's shed some light on a few key mental health concerns and how you can improve your psychological well-being.

If you are unsure what mental health is, it refers to your behavioral, cognitive, and emotional health. Being mentally fit has a positive impact on your overall health as well. Plus it allows you to live a mentally balanced, peaceful life, with the strength and resilience to face whatever challenges the future presents.

A report published in 2017 shows that 792 million people around the globe are suffering from some kind of mental disorder. These numbers keep on fluctuating over time, but let's face it, such numbers aren't easy to ignore. That is why we have to ensure that we keep our mental health in check and speak up about it too.

Even a mentally fit person can easily be affected by mental health issues. Your mental health can be influenced by various factors such as the environment you live in, your daily routine, it can be genetically, and more.

Here are 4 Tips On How To Improve Your Mental Health

Be Optimistic Towards Yourself

In most cases, mental health conditions are usually triggered due to lack of confidence and self-worth making it obvious what your step-one should be. Don't let every small thing that doesn't go your way overwhelm you. Let yourself to take a step back and leap even higher the next time. Showing gratitude towards your strengths will prove to be your ultimate tool in the long run.

On the other hand, if you feel low and negative occasionally, there's nothing to worry about. You should know that being optimistic doesn't mean that you lock the stress and pain in one corner and fail to acknowledge them. Acknowledge them, feel them and allow the feeling to pass. Remember that optimisation isn't a compulsory burden but a healthy decision.

Focus On Your Body 

Do you know that exercising is a natural way of treating anxiety? It releases oxytocin the happy or love hormones. When you engage in physical activities you are not just looking after your body but you are also freeing your mind of stress and tension. The moving of your feet, the rhythmic breathing are some mindfulness elements that keep your mind in the moment on what you are doing.

This also includes a proper good night's sleep. Resting your body and brain muscles helps them regenerate energy and strength to function better. Eat healthy meals full of nutrition. Try to have a clean and healthy diet, feed your body with goodness from the inside out.

Build Constructive Relationships

We as social beings crave human interaction and when we don't get it we face loneliness, which can can be a detriment to our mental health. A recent study has shown that a person who doesn't have any social life tends to have a 60% higher risk of developing different health conditions. Being able to share your good and bad feelings with others helps reduce stress.

Surrounding yourself with people who are happy and have a positive approach towards life makes your brain function like them. Opening up to someone and sharing your concerns and fear helps reduce mental stress. So reach out to your family and friends, not only for your mental health but check in on them and give the a chance to share any worries that they may have or nay fears that they might be feeling. 

Start Journaling

Journaling can be one of the most effective ways to support your mental health. Try making time even as small as 5 mins a day to write down everything that is on your mind, your fears, concerns, hope, and dreams. Put all your worries on paper and free up space in your mind to think more clearly. 

The beauty of this is that you can be completely honest without the fear of being judged. You can accept your biggest insecurities and work on it. Not just this, you can also use the journal to list down your achievements, things that you are proud of. Describing your happiness through words will bring you more joy. Whenever you feel lost and negative, your journal can help you find your way back. 

In a world that is evolving so fast and with uncertainty, whatever your dreams and goals are you have to be mentally healthy to fully achieve and enjoy them. Working on your mental health is an ongoing daily practice and process. You have to make a conscious choice everyday to make sure that your mental health is your number one priority.  Start applying these simple and easy tips and they will help you build emotional and mental resilience that will see you through any future life challenges. 

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