Mindfulness and Self-Care Tips To Get You Through The Coronavirus And Beyond

MYnd Map Blog - Mindfulness and Self-Care Tips for Tackling The Coronavirus

Given the state of the entire world right now, the start of the new decade isn’t exactly how we all wanted it to be. The outbreak of the Coronavirus has all of us on our feet.

Since it was first discovered, the virus has quickly spread from its origin in China to different parts of the world. Today several medical organisations worldwide are working on finding a vaccine for the disease. So the least we can do is follow the instructions provided and hope that the chaos will be over soon.

However, until it all comes to rest, everybody’s life is going to be majorly affected. And we should know that being too anxious and stressed or completely ignoring the truth will do us no good. Perhaps practicing self-care and mindfulness is the only sane option right now.

Mindfulness is nothing too complex but just a concept that teaches us to be fully devoted to the present moment, to be aware of our surroundings and participate in it without any judgment. Here are a few activities that you can inject mindfulness into that will help you get through this challenging time:

Listen To Music

Rather than crying over the things you can’t do, try and enjoy the things that you can. There is nothing more calming than listening to your favorite music. Music can be very nostalgic and even if you are sitting on your bed it can take you places. Therefore, in times like this listening to soothing and uplifting music is your best option. Get up and dance and feel those endorphins surge through your body.

Cultivate A Hobby and Get Creative

You can utilise the time like these to do something that you always wanted to do but for one reason or another, you never could. Maybe a hobby, maybe something that has been on your to-do list since forever. For example, if you were eager to learn the steps of a popular dance video, take up water colouring, or you wanted to complete that novel you started months ago well, this is your time, stay safe and be productive and get creative.

Focus On Yourself

Mindfulness requires you to be in a balanced state of mind, you can achieve it only when you have control over your consciousness. Nature in its way is allowing you to do that. So why not accept it. Don’t run away from your thoughts and face them instead. Concentrate on your internal fears and the battle that has been going on in your mind. Meditate, do yoga and whatever that helps you find peace within.

Plan Ahead

Since the situation demands you to be with yourself, why not turn it into something productive? One of the best things that come to mind is assessing where you stand in your life right now, what your future looks like? You can even journal it down if you want. With an MY Journal, you can effectively and mindfully plan how you’ll go about your life once this outbreak settles. Use this time to challenge your mind and expand your mental horizon like never before.

Yes, the Coronavirus taking over the world is the biggest problem that we are facing. But as it’s said, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of it”. You can either let it overwhelm you or fight it in your ways to improve yourself with the help of mindfulness.

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