The importance of nature in our lives and how we can help the environment.

Mynd Map - The importance of nature in our lives and how we can help the environment.

Let’s re-establish the importance of our lost love and care for the greatest gift that mankind can ever gift us; Mother Nature. As children, we are taught to preserve and be responsible for the environment. However, over the years you, me, and a whole lot of other people have not just forgotten about our duties as the children of nature in our lives but have also caused several disturbances to its balance. We will share some tips on how we can make that change and help the environment.

The truth is none of us can outlive nature, so ignoring the mess that we all are making in one way or another, will do us no good. The more gratitude we show towards nature, the more we get in return. Stop looking over someone else’s shoulders and take control of your actions. Besides, you will be surprised to know how inspirational the environment can turn out to be in bringing productivity in your life.

It’s never too late to right our wrongs and there’s no other time better than right now to do that. We should be grateful for nature and this beautiful life that we are blessed with. Don’t be the evil that ruins it, when you can rather be the light that helps it shine. We have to help nature help us. Only then can we understand its true meaning and pursue our personal goals.

But before that, you must know how nature is a solution to most of our problems:

  • Mindfulness towards the importance of preserving nature, allows one to achieve success beyond his/her imagination. A healthy environment reduces stress and anxiety. It spreads positivity that heals a person from whatever’s causing pain.
  • Plus, engaging in physical exercises and yoga when surrounded by pure nature keeps your body fit and lets you explore the hidden creativity in you. It’s possible because by doing so we get rid of the fatigue and any overwhelming feeling giving us enough space to focus. 
  • Nature teaches you a very crucial thing that many have forgotten; Self-Love. Nothing should ever be above your happiness and well-being. 

Our Contribution to Nature

Just as stated in The Law of Dharma, we must face our duties, be ethical in our conduct, and live this life the right way. Therefore, it is up to us how we treat nature which has helped us in our personal development, physical growth, and whatnot. 

  • The first step for contributing to the environment is adopting a greener lifestyle. It means that you try your hardest to limit such activity that may be a threat to nature. Conservation of energy, stopping the use of plastic, and preventing pollution as much as possible are all a part of it.
  • The more you recycle, the better. Avoid throwing away things to the maximum extent. Reusing an object, again and again, reduces the necessity to create new ones, hence saving the forests and other natural resources.

Further, when we talk about Nature, we cannot ignore the value that The Law of Least Effort holds in our connection with nature. This Law tells us that every change, and every growth that occurs in nature happens effortlessly. The elements of the environment never try to push too hard and let the natural flow guide them. Similarly, as humans, we also should trust what nature has to offer without over-exploiting our physical and mental health. 

As a significant member of this world, each one of us has to realise that taking care of nature is no less than self-care. Take action to build the life around you that you wish to live in. Loving, respecting, and protecting nature should be one of our major life purposes.

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