How To Use This Time For Self-Reflection, Healing, And Growth

MYnd Map - Using This Time For Self-Healing And Growth

The ongoing global pandemic has made us all tensed and worried about our personal and professional lives. It has forced us to come up with new plans and strategies to go about our journey as our initial plans have now taken a hit. It has also given us time to self-reflect, heal, and grow. 

When a situation like this occurs, where we see everything seemingly not going as planned or expected, we often tend to get nervous. However, a calm and composed mind can move us through every challenge that life presents.

This is why Rosemary Ikpeme, Creator and Co-founder of MYnd Map, decided to join forces with experts to provide supportive tools and strategies to help us all through these challenging times.

Rosemary recently spoke with Victoria Dioh an Intuitive Life Coach about how we all could best use this COVID-19 lockdown time for self- reflection, healing and growth.

Victoria has an amazing gift and talent to heal people through her food (Vic's Kitchen) and her words. Ever since Victoria discovered her secret magic, she has been helping people through their troubles with her words along with meditation.

Conversing about healing and taking yourself to a better place mentally, Victoria said, “Even though we may not attach healing to what we do, but when we put ourselves to our work, that is healing on its own.” She also added that this can be done even through food. The vibration that we cook with, is the vibration the people who eat that food will receive. This can be for any type of work or exercise you do in life. 

How To Find The Right Direction?

In life, you will often find yourself at a place where you'll feel your soul calling out to you to do something. And no matter what you do that feeling to move towards a particular goal, passion, dream, desire, just never goes away. On which, Rosemary asked Victoria, what should we do when that little voice in our head keeps on forcing us to do that thing yet we resist out of fear. 

According to Victoria, if you don’t listen to the Universe, God, that little voice deep inside of you, or whatever you call it, the call will get louder. It will be hard to avoid and sometime might show itself as pain and discomfort in your life. This is a perfect time when the entire world is slowing down or even at a standstill to welcome these feelings. She said, “If you are someone who is thinking to write a book or simply write anything or start sewing, then do it. Cause that message is coming from your superconscious. When you get those messages, just do it because nobody is judging you and you can’t go wrong.”

She also spoke about a book by Gary Zukav, in which he talks about listening to how your body feels when you think of something. Similarly, when people who have a feeling to write or cook or to do something they feel passionate about, yet they do not follow through, they feel incomplete from within and there is no way to shake that feeling off.

The best advice is to listen to your heart, be mindful of what you need. Rosemary added, “If the energy you feel, the message you are hearing is to lie on the sofa for a day, then do it.” In general, it means don’t feel burdened or guilty at all, trust the process. When you do what your heart seeks, you are automatically growing and being creative. Just be true to your feelings, and use this stillness that has surrounded the whole world to go within and explore what brings you joy, bliss, and happiness. 


These are uncertain times, where this pandemic will lead us to is not in our control. But what is in our control is investing this time work on something that makes you feel good and inspired. How you decide to move forward, what you decide to do with your life, what goals you pursue are completely in your control.  

With a little professional guidance, you can prepare yourself for the world in the best way. Usually, we barely get time for ourselves, but now we are given all the time in the world to focus on self-reflection, healing, and growth. Always remember that no matter what battle you are facing, self-care will forever be your biggest weapon.

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