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How to combat and manage stress (and take on the busy Christmas season)

According to the Mental Health Foundation, 74% of people in the UK have been so stressed at some point this year that they felt they could not cope. This isn’t surprising given in the last few weeks alone we’ve had rising Covid cases, increased costs of living, and a gas crisis. To make matters worse, we are yet to enter the most stressful period of the year - the Christmas season.

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The power of words: Transform your life with affirmations

Affirmations are simply statements or sentences that we say or think repeatedly. They can be positive or negative and affect both your conscious and subconscious mind. What is so powerful about affirmations is that by repeating them daily, you can actually transform your life. What you think or say over and over can sink into your subconscious mind and, believe it or not, become part of your reality. This can be a little tricky to grasp at first – but there is science behind it.

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