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How to Journal: What to Write & How to Stick to it

Several studies have already confirmed the cognitive and stress-relieving benefits of journaling. Writing things down helps boost memory and I am a firm believer that writing something down is remembering it twice. Journaling or writing thoughts down also brings you into a state of mindfulness, you’d be surprised how those few minutes of journaling actively engages your subconscious, and at the same time, relieves you of anxiety by allowing you to focus on what matters most at that particular moment.But while many understand the merits of journaling, some may find a blank page intimidating.  What should I write down? Surprisingly, there are a lot of things that you can write down. Your thoughts. Your goals. Your plans. Even just the...

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How to Use the 80/20 Rule in Everyday Life

Do you ever feel as though you spend all your time working just to be able to enjoy the fraction of precious spare time you have? We go to work to earn money so that we can not only survive but get to enjoy life. Perhaps 80% percent of the population feel this way. So what about the remaining 20%? Well, it’s likely they are making money doing what they enjoy, or are lucky enough to only be working 20% of the time. What are they doing differently to the rest of us? They are probably applying the 80/20 principle to their working and personal lives. “Focus on being productive instead of busy” Timothy Ferris The 80/20 prinicle is also...

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10 Ways to Increase Your Productivity

  One thing that really defines successful people is that they are significantly more productive than others. Productivity shouldn’t be confused with working harder. Yes, hard work can pay off but being productive is about making the most of the limited hours in a day – it’s about learning to be efficient, working smarter and getting the important things done. Here are some ideas to help you become your most productive self: Develop a morning and/or evening routine –people who take advantage of the precious morning and evening hours get a lot more done and are a lot more prepared for the day ahead. Limit your screen time – we all know that one of the biggest contributors to procrastination...

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5 Free Activities for Natural Stress Relief

  Every now and then – we all need a treat.  In fact, there’s no reason why we can’t treat ourselves every day! Treating ourselves is a form of self-love. We often find it much easier more rewarding to treat friends and family members yet, we cringe or are out rightly horrified by the idea of doing something nice for ourselves. However, it’s all also too common for us equate treating ourselves to food or by spending money that quite often we don’t have as being the only way we can show ourselves appreciation. Learning to treat ourselves without spending money is a great way for us to start enjoying the simpler pleasures in life so here’s a few ideas...

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Visualisation: How it Works & How to Get Started

Many of us are conditioned to believe that we have to accept life as it is and by that we are already putting up mental barriers, preventing us from dreaming big or achieving our goals. Even if you are someone who sets themselves goals – how many of these have you lost track of or just let your motivation slip away as day to day life takes priority again? The good news is that there is a way to help prevent this from happening and for you to get closer to achieving your dreams and help you lead the life you desire. “I do not fix my problems. I fix my thinking. Then problems fix themselves.” Louise Hay Visualisation is...

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