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The Healing Benefits of Keeping a Journal

What would normally come to mind if I suggested that you keep a journal? ‘Dear Diary…’? It’s a bit American High School movie, isn’t it? We may consider journal keeping as the activity of an angst-stricken teenage girl – but what if that teenager was onto something? Keeping a journal is simply the articulation of certain events, emotions, thoughts and feelings into written words. The benefits of keeping a journal range from clearing your headspace after a busy day to improving your mental and physical health. ‘Keeping a journal of what’s going on in your life is a good way to help you distil what’s important and what’s not’ Martina Navratilova Journaling is a great way to practice mindfulness and with...

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5 Simple Steps To Create Inner Happiness

Most of us have been programmed to believe that happiness is the grand prize at the end of a long and hard journey. We say to ourselves, we will find happiness once ‘I take a particular action or make a specific decision’’ or even better ‘Once I earn a certain amount of money for a certain length of time, that’s then I will achieve true happiness'. Or maybe – ‘if I can just make that one big change in my life’, sounds familiar? The truth about happiness is that we can never guarantee or predict it in the future.  Real happiness that comes from within, is unshakeable regardless where in life we are and what life throws our way. That natural...

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